Named Scholarships

Named Scholarships are a great way to give lasting recognition for you or another person and are available at several levels. Upon completion of payment, a Scholarship-Leadership Award will be presented in the name you request to an undergraduate member of our chapter for the number of years indicated below. Specific academic fields or other award requirements can be established at your request. The donation must be paid within 12 months of making a pledge and will be awarded the year following the completion of the donation.


$50,000 $1,000 Lifetime
$25,000 $1,000 20 Years
$15,000 $750 15 Years
$10,000 $750 10 Years
$5,000 $750 8 Years


Are you ready to build a legacy and help the members of our chapter for years to come? If so, contact Matt Noble of Fraternity Management Group at 520-990-3250 or